JibberJabber: What book made you a “reader for life”?

Amanda: Nancy Drew – She was smart and independent which was unusual for her time.  Me and my friend Gretchen would race to the library on Saturday mornings to get the next one.


Sue: I have to say Thornton W Burgess books – “Old Mother West Wind”, etc.  And then, all the Gene Stratton-Porter I found on my grandmother’s shelves – “Girl of the Limberlost”, “Freckles”, and of my favorite books in the whole world, “Keeper of the Bees”.


KJ: I was always enchanted by the characters and worlds created by Roald Dahl (MatildaCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc), but I also loved spending hours with reference books as a kid – atlases of the world and the World Books Encyclopedia.  They were like treasure troves of information and opened me up to other places and cultures.



One thought on “JibberJabber: What book made you a “reader for life”?

  1. It was historical fiction that hooked me: at the public library The Swamp Fox of the Revolution by Steward H. Holbrook, Battle lanterns by Merritt Parmalee Allen; and at my cousin’s house Promises in the Attic, by Elisabeth Hamilton Friermood *(a Junior Guild ? selection) the story of a girl who wants to be a writer, setting the Dayton, OH flood of 19(17?)


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