JibberJabber: What’s your favorite poem?

Eileen: “Depends on the day.  I tend to read poetry in the morning – have a bookcase full of it by the spot I have my morning coffee.  Lately, Kay Ryan, from her book, The Best of It– each word is so carefully chosen, dense bites of perfection.  She’s humorous and funny and bitter and terse.  Always have John Berryman’s The Dream Songs close at hand, too.  Wait, I feel like I’m revealing too much here.  I read “nice” poems, too.

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KJ: “The Summer Day” by Mary Oliver (hear her read it aloud here).  Anything by Jane Kenyon.  “Hate Hotel” by Tony Hoagland.

download (2)

Amanda: Unfortunately I have a really hard time with poetry, I keep trying but I usually don’t get it.  The last poetry I remember enjoying was Shel Silverstein.  I also can still quote Maurice Sendak’s “One Was Johnny” up to 4.

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