Staff Poll: What do you use for a bookmark?

What do you use for a bookmark? An actual bookmark? Receipt? Mail? Money? Dust jacket flap? Are you one of those evil people who dog ears their pages?


My preferred bookmark is a postcard from the past, or an old photo. I confess to having been guilty, upon falling asleep, of dog earring.



I tend to use the receipt. Since I buy something from every indie bookstore I visit, and I seek them out anywhere I travel, (looking forward to Old Firehouse Books in Ft. Collins, CO in May) they become great souvenirs. Also, a couple years ago one of the Free Art participants made a series of bookmarks that make me laugh.



Recently I have been using bookmarks that I have collected while traveling this past year. Each one brings me back to the place we had visited or passed through. Currently I am using one I bought at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. It goes perfectly with the book I am reading, Snowblind by Christopher Golden. Two creepy places!



It totally varies for me. I have a beautiful beaded bookmark my grandmother made, and I have numerous bookmarks that I’ve purchased with different animals on them, or quotes. But it really seems to depend on where I am and what I am doing when I start a book. Sometimes I’ll grab a napkin, or a piece of notebook paper that’s within reach if I’m too lazy to go hunting for a good one! I NEVER dog ear pages.


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