Staff Poll: Have you ever written, or dreamed of writing, your own book? What is/would it be about?


“Never wrote a book, but for a script writing class in college I wrote 2 plays. I couldn’t tell you anything about them as I’ve long forgotten and (hopefully) no copies still exist. But I do remember the teacher. Herb Appleman. He has written many plays and has an Emmy an is an amazingly funny guy. He told great stories about his neighbors in NYC (Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards!) Surprise! Julie is the funny one!”



“I’m waiting for Paul to write his first, and then I’ll see if there are any good ideas left.”



“Been working on it on and off for 15 years! It started as a character driven novel, but it seems to be turning into a bit of a mystery (surprise, surprise!).”



“I’ve written a short story. It’s a murder mystery about one of the bookstores I used to work at. It still needs a solid ending though. As for a full length novel, my husband keeps encouraging me to, but I never seem to find time to sit down and write.”


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