Staff Poll: Animal lovers! What’s the best book about an animal/pet that you’ve read?


I’m always scared I’m going to find myself reading a “sad dog book”. It’s funny because I love mystery and horror… give me all the blood and guts! But please don’t hurt any animals! If I do pick up an animal related book, it’s usually something like Tuna Melts My Heart, which is about a chiweenie with a hysterically adorable overbite! (Seriously – how can you not LOVE that face?!)

tuna.jpgtuna 1.jpg


Can’t say animal themed books were ever a favorite… even as a kid. Good Dog Carl by Alexandra Day has long fascinated me, though. As a kid, I thought it would be fun to hang out with the dog all afternoon, but as an adult I’m horrified!

good dog carl.jpg


I always read animal books as a kid! Every classic one I could get my hands on. As an adult, not so much. I’ve fond memories or Richard Adams’ The Plague Dogs (he wrote Watership Down), and of Paul Gallico’s novella The Snow Goose, which is still available as a lovely gift book most readily picked up around Christmas. Not sure if it’s still in print, but Paul Auster wrote a fabulous book, Timbuktu, in the voice of a dog whose owner is a homeless, rather foolish man. It is a delightful read. Oh dear, I could go on..I’ll leave with these words… The Fur Person, by May Sarton.

plague dogs.jpgsnow gooseTimbuktuNovelfur person


Funny as I love animals so much but really haven’t read any stories where the main character was an animal. Most of the animal books I have read are dog training and communication, holistic care, and horse care. Go figure!


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