Staff Poll: Your ideal afternoon of reading.

Describe to me your ideal afternoon of reading. Where would you be? What’s the weather like? Snacks? Tea? Does it depend on what you’re reading?


“For this year it’s on my deck, partly cloudy, not too windy, approximately 70-75 degrees with a pot of tea. A great alternative is at the beach with my low chair and coconut water. Almost any weather except rain and greenhead season will do!”



“Anywhere! I can read anywhere! If only I knew someone was preparing a meal for sustenance, that would be perfect. So, porch, hammock, couch, floor, what have you. with the scent of dinner prep waiting.”



“I mostly read horror/mystery, and my favorite season is the fall… I really think the two go together quite well. Ideal reading conditions for me would involve a cool, crisp, fall afternoon, maybe out in my yard with a  sweater, apple cider, and my dog. That said, certain books just call for thunderstorms or snow storms!”



“I love reading outside! I always carry a bok with me and will read anywhere. Waiting for an appointment, enjoying coffee on the boardwalk, sitting on the beach, a porch – really anywhere. I’m happiest when I have a good book with me.”


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