Staff Poll: Independent Bookstores

What are some of your favorite bookstores? (Besides Jabberwocky, of course!)


“I got to visit the Annapolis Bookstore in Annapolis, MD when we went there for a wedding last summer. It is an adorable, cozy indie, with a spiral staircase, a cupboard under the stairs, and very friendly staff! Another indie I loved was the Northshire Bookstore in VT… such a huge selection!”



“Just went to Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins, CO. Funky space, great layout, and super friendly knowledable staff. I also still love the Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge. It was one of my 2 destinations the very first time I ever came to New England in 1993(?) – the other was the MFA. I mad it to both that trip, and they both still give me a big dose of happy 23 years later. The last one is Snowbound books in Marquette, Mihigan. Again, super friendly and amazing zeitgeist!



“I just visited the Strand in New York and WOW! Their claim to fame is 18 miles of bookshelves, which I was skeptical of when I first heard, but it really is true. They have stacks covering tables, three stories filled with books, and the top floor is dedicated to rare books and first editions. Truly a angerous place for a bookaholic. Elliot Bay books in Seattle is also pretty amazing, and well worth a visit.”



“This past fall I visited PA and stopped in an old barn that had been renovated into a beautiful bookstore, which mostly had old first editions and rare finds. I could have spent hours in there!”



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