Staff Poll: Dinner with an author

If you could have dinner with one author, dead or living, who would you pick and why?


“Tough choice! I can narrow it down to Philip K. Dick and Oscar Wilde. PKD because I would love to see how his mind communicated his world view (as paranoid as it was). I’ve been reading the Exegesis of PKD off and on for a couple years. Super heavy, wacky stuff, but fascinating and riveting at the same time. Oscar on the other hand, (and yes I did kiss his tomb stone when we went to Paris!) would be suck a delight with his old world charm and wit. The Importance of Being Ernest is the second funniest piece I’ve ever read. (Good Omens by Gaiman/Pratchett is first). I have no doubt it would be an enchanted evening!”


“Well, if dinner were tonight I would say Annie Proulx… I just finished her fat tome Barkskins and, despite its 700+ pages, I’ve more questions. The research she undertook for this latest novel fascinates me.”



“Neil Gaiman. In my mind, no other author comes close to his story writing brilliance (besides perhaps David Mitchell), and he also seems like a geniunely nice human, so I think it would be a pleasant dinner with good conversation about some pretty cool stories.”

ocean at the end of the lane.jpg


“This is really hard for me. Do I pick Stephen King (whose house my husband took me to the other day!! SO COOL!); John Connolly, whose lilting irish accent I could listen to all day; or R.L. Stine, whose Goosebumps series got me really serious about reading as a kid? While I love them all, I think for this particular instance I would choose Alvin Schwartz. His Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books(illustrated by Stephen Gammell, please & thanks) have entertained me for years – first as a child, and still now as an adult. I pull my copies out every year during October and it always brings me back. The Viper is still my favorite from book 1.”

scary stories trilogy.jpg


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