Staff Poll: If you could live inside one fictional world, where would you pick?


“I don’t read much fiction that posits an alternative world to this one, a lovely green and blue marble peopled with folks sacred and profane, unless its dystopian novels – and I don’t want to live there! This question led me to pick up for myself, finally, a copy of Island by Huxley, his final novel, and one in which he portray a place that is the polar opposite of Brave New World. Book conversations make for interesting proddings and nudgings! Thank you!”



“J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world. Always (<- see? I can even answer this question with references to Harry Potter) I adore the magical world that she has created that is beautiful, dangerous, and wonderful. The idea of really truly being able to walk along Diagon Alley, or visit Hogsmead always makes me pick the books back up again.”



“So much to choose! But I think Star Trek wins. Gene Rodden Berry’s hopeful and positive view of mankind’s development makes this the place for me!”


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